Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sharing my newest obsession!

I <3 hentai, I can't help it! I love seeing bouncy anime boobs. So I've started a blog compiling posts of all kinds of sexy hentai pictures for your viewing pleasure. Check it out if you share an interest in my strange obsession!                                      

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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Glass is Awesome!

I absolutely love glass as a sex toy material! Everything about it is amazing! It's safe and free of harmful chemicals, durable, easily disinfected by boiling, smooth, and can hold on to heat and cold for some sexy temperature play. Glass toys add a whole new dimension to the bedroom. There's really nothing quite like it. So what are you waiting for? Try going natural! Take a look at some of these wonderful glass toys on Eden Fantasys!

Double-ended glass dildo with ribs, nubs and 24 karat gold detailsThe glass Ben Wa Balls are two matching spheres with a flower inlay and are perfect for strengthening the vaginal muscles and intensifying orgasm.G-spot dildo with bulged tips and nubbed texture made of pyrex glass.Glass rotating dildo with a round base and handle is perfect for vagina and anal stimulation or fore-play action.Glass dual-ended probe has a shape of chain of small glass balls and can be used for G and P spot play.Glass dildo wand with multicolored raised nubsLarge glass anal plug with tapered head and bulged bodyRibbed glass g-spot sex toy

Hot Pink Happiness!

This is one of my favorite toys! I love the look and feel of the Mustang by Vixen Creations. I mainly use my Mustang in a harness for pegging, but have used it on myself. This can be used both vaginally and anally. It would make a great beginner dildo for anyone looking to use a harness with either a male or female partner. 

I bought my Mustang at this awesome shop. I trust this store because they are discreet, have great customer support and their website is based around a whole sex toy community. Check them out!

I am so impressed by the material of the Vixen Mustang! This was my first toy made of VixSkin so I wasn't sure what to expect, but I wasn't disappointed. VixSkin is a very interesting material. It's sometimes called duel density silicone because of its soft outside and firm core. It's type of silicone known for stability and water repellance. This is a very safe material. It is non-porous and can be completely sanitized by boiling for three minutes. Only use water-based lubricants!

Here I am world!

Well look at that, my first blog post.. ever! I'm super excited about launching my first blog ever! So what will this blog be covering? Well.. sex toys of course! I love playing with toys and I believe that they can enhance any persons sex life. I will be reviewing sex toys that I have tried out personally, both good and bad. Also, I will be posting links to natural and eco-friendly sex toys, lubricants, and other sexy products.